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Calibrators for Gases

Recalibration, regular inspection and maintenance are important requirements for a safe and reliable operation of flow measuring instruments.

If you plan to do this inhouse with your own calibrators, TrigasDM supplies tailor-made solutions according to different functional principles for your application.

Since such calibrators are mostly customized, we are happy to talk to you about your special application.

For general information in advance, select the appropriate category in the overview:

The Bell Prover, a primary standard gas calibration system, is used to accurately measure a displaced volume of any non-hazardous gas at a constant pressure over time so that precise flow rate measurement can be performed.

Sonic Nozzles are internationally recognized as the best Flow Transfer Standard for gas flow measurement and Calibration.

Laminar Flow Elements are the ideal Flow Transfer Standard for low flow gas measurement and calibration. The LFE based series of calibration stands operate under our CFlow+ data acquisition and control software for optimal man-machine interface and ease of operation. This PC based, gas calibration system offers truly exceptional accuracy and stability using advanced flow calculation algorithms and compensation techniques.

But TrigasDM not only offers standard calibrators for testing flowmeters. We always like to talk to our customers about special applications and thereby continuously expand our portfolio.

For example, you will also find in our program special calibrators for the aviation and aerospace industry for testing turbine blades (data sheet).

For the automotive customers the Body Leakage Test Rigs could be interesting for leak tests of the vehicle cabins.