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LFE - Laminar Flow Elements

Laminar Flow Elements are the ideal Flow Transfer Standard for low flow gas measurement and calibration.

The LFE based series of calibration stands operate under our CFlow+ data acquisition and control software for optimal man-machine interface and ease of operation.

This PC based, gas calibration system offers truly exceptional accuracy and stability using advanced flow calculation algorithms and compensation techniques.


Measuring Principle: LFE, Secondary Standard
Flow range: 0.001 to 1000 ALPM (0.000035 to 36 ACFM)
Pressure: Up to 12 bar (Unit Under Test)
Uncertainty: +0.46% of volumetric flow rate typical
UUT Inputs: TTLpulse, magnetic pickoff, RF pickoff, Visual , Analog (0-10v, 4-20mA, etc.)


  • No moving parts, resulting in long term accuracy and repeatability
  • Real Gas Calibration capability.
  • Calibrates any type of gas meter, including: Thermal Mass, LFE, Vortex, Coriolis, Variable Area, DP, Turbine, etc.
  • Traceability to National and International Standards (PTB, LNM, NIST).
  • CFlow+ User-friendly data acquisition and operating software.