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Sonic Nozzles

Sonic Nozzles are internationally recognized as the best Flow Transfer Standard for gas flow measurement and Calibration.

The CVC series of calibration stands operating under our CFlow+ data acquisition and control software feature nozzle manifolding and pressure control for optimal flexibility.

This PC based, gas calibration system offers truly exceptional accuracy and stability using advanced flow calculation algorithms and compensation techniques.


Measuring Principle:Sonic Nozzles, Secondary Standard
Flow range:10 to 20000 ALPM (0.35 to 715 ACFM)
Pressure:Up to 7 bar
Uncertainty:+0.2% of mass flow rate typical
UUT Inputs:TTLpulse, magnetic pickoff, RF pickoff, Visual , Analog (0-10v, 4-20mA, etc.)


  • No moving parts, resulting in long term accuracy and repeatability
  • Flowrate is not affected by downstream flow disturbances.
  • Calibrates any type of gas meter, including: Thermal Mass, LFE, Vortex, Coriolis, Variable Area, DP, Turbine, etc.
  • Traceability to National and International Standards (PTB, LNE, NIST, UKAS).
  • CFlow+ User-friendly data acquisition and operating software.