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High Flow Calibrators

Our universal Primary Standard Calibrator OT1500 provides calibration capabilities for a wide range of flowmeters and components. It is characterized by its large measuring range and its outstanding accuracy and is therefore particularly suitable for manufacturers of flowmeters or components who want to prove attractive accuracy classes for their products.

The heart of the Flow Meter Calibration System is a precision honed, nickel-chromium plated, positive displacement, stainless steel cylinder/piston assembly.

This PC based, liquid calibration system offers exceptional accuracy and stability using advanced flow calculation algorithms and compensation techniques.

The popular CFlow+ LabVIEW based data acquisition and control software ensures optimal man-machine interface and easy operation.


Measuring Principle:

Piston, Positive Displacement
Flow range:0.5 to 1500 LPM (0.13 to 400 GPM)
Viscosity range:0.5 to 10000 mm2/sec (cSt)
Uncertainty:+/- 0.03% of volumetric flow rate typical
UUT Inputs:TTLpulse, magnetic pickoff, RF pickoff, Visual , Analog (0-10v, 4-20mA, etc.)


  • Performs complete liquid flowmeter calibration in minutes
  • Calibrates any type of liquid meter, including: Turbine, Magnetic, Coriolis, PD, VA, Vortex, etc.
  • Operates over a wide range of viscosity using a variety of calibration liquids.
  • Traceability to National and International Standards (PTB, LNE, NIST, UKAS).
  • CFlow+ User-friendly data acquisition and operating software.