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Thermal Gas Flowmeter for dirty and wet applications

TrigasDM represents Kurz Instruments in Germany and adds with these products an acknowledged solution for high flow ranges.

With Kurz Thermal Mass Flowmeters we offer to you a product that is optimized based on 35 years of experience in special markets and applications. Kurz continues its commitment to supplying innovative devices while encouraging the world to look at thermal mass devices as a cost-effective alternative to other flow measurement technologies.

Kurz thermal probes are products of outstanding quality and exceptional dependability that exceed the most challenging industry requirements. In dry or wet gas environments, Kurz flow meters define the industry standard for the highest repeatability, accuracy, and reliability. Applications that call for general information, exacting accuracy, or system protection rely on Kurz devices for real-time sensor and electronics diagnostics, and dependable temperature compensation.

Kurz Series 454FTB insertion flowmeter

The Kurz Series 454FTB is the premier single-point insertion thermal mass flow meter for industrial gas flow measurements. The 454FTB supports process temperatures from -40° C to 260° C and from -40°C to 500° C, process pressure ratings up to 300 PSIG, and a velocity range from 0 to 24,000 SFPM.

The Kurz Series 454FTB-WGF is the first thermal mass flow meter engineered specifically for wet gas, condensing gas, and biogas environments. The patent-pending design processes the dry flow signal independent of the effects of moisture in the process gas stream, making it the ideal flow meter for digesters, landfills, animal feeding operations, wet stacks, and mining.

K-BAR 2000B Multipoint Insertion Flowmeter

K-BAR 2000B multipoint insertion flow meter uses up to four sensors for measurement redundancy and to ensure accuracy. Its rugged design withstands the high stress and high vibrations found in large industrial stacks and ducts that commonly have wide-ranging velocity and temperature profiles. The K-BAR 2000B supports process temperatures up to 260°C or up to 500°C.


Series 534FTB Inline Flowmeter

The Series 534FTB is designed with built-in inlet and outlet piping reducers/expanders to produce exceptional immunity to upstream and downstream flow disturbances caused by elbows, valves, and line size changes. The patented technology results in output with exceptional low end-to-end pressure drop and the fastest response to velocity and temperature changes in the industry.


Series 504FTB Inline Flowmeter

The Series 504FTB in-line flow meter is designed for applications where flow disturbances or line size changes are not an issue. The 504FTB is available in 10 models for inline sizes from ½” to 4” pipes


Model 2445 High-Temperature Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2445 High-Temperature Portable Flow Meter is designed for very high temperatures (500°C) applications, such as coal-fired power plant stacks, and primary and secondary air ducts. The Model 2445 is available in five fixed lengths from 24” to 72” with a 3/4″ diameter sensor support. The rugged all-welded construction and large size of the Model 2445 make it ideal for dirty and corrosive environments. It includes an all-metal display module, battery charger, carrying case, and several accessories.


Model 2444 Heavy Industrial Portable Flowmeter

The Model 2444 Heavy Industrial Portable Flowmeter provides the flexibility for a wide variety of field measurement applications because of multiple 16” sections that can connect up to 64.5” long. The Model 2444 works with high temperatures up to 200°C. It includes an all-metal display module, battery charger, carrying case, and several accessories.
There are further models available, like model 2442 HVAC Portable Flow Meter, which is designed specifically for HVAC applications, or the Series 490-IS which is an inexpensive miniature thermal air velocity meter that you can take anywhere. Let us know if you are looking for further portables!


Series 155 Mass Flow Computer

The Series 155 Mass Flow Computer is available in five models, depending on the number of flow meters and sensors in your flow meter system. The Series 155 Mass Flow Computer integrates the functions of temperature and flow measurement, closed loop flow control, flow totalization, alarms, input/output calibration, and data acquisition for up to 22 sensors.


Series 255 Flow Averaging Transmitter

The Kurz Series 255 Flow Averaging Transmitter is a versatile system transmitter designed for measuring flow rates in very large ducts that have non-uniform or unstable velocity profiles and/or wide temperature ranges. The Series 255 is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-based system that powers and reads up to 16 independent sensing points, providing a grand average of the flow and temperature. The Series 255 continuously reads and analyzes flow and temperature data from the individual channels, and automatically removes channels from the average that are under alarm or have been removed for service or repair. The Series 255 is designed for high reliability and high availability with multiple and independent power and communication ports so that wiring issues will not bring down the entire multisensor network.


Isokinetic Sampling System

Kurz offers a complete isokinetic sampling system to ensure true sample composition — from stack flow monitoring and sample capture to sample flow control. The Kurz Emissions and Sampling System provides accurate sample collection for environmental, process, and nuclear applications. It eliminates under- or over-reporting gas or particulate constituents. A wet stack option is available.

The Isokinetic Sampling System includes:
• The KBAR-2000B multipoint insertion flow meter
• The Series 220 Isokinetic Sampling System
• A Kurz 504FTB or 534FTB in-line flow meter
• The Kurz 730 Rotary Ramp Valve provides fine control of the sample flow
• The Series 155 Mass Flow Computer