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Precision and Reliability

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Dynamic and precise volume and flow measurement, specifically tailored to your application, from simple displays to intelligent microcontroller solutions.

It all starts with TrigasDM flow meters. Decades of engineering experience built these devices. The elaborate flow geometry combined with high precision ball bearings make TrigasDM flow meters all-round excellent.

The powerful TrigasDM electronics monitor the flowmeter signals and processes and control flow exactly as required. For example in mobile measurements for dosage and mixing systems or as a flexible measurement electronic system.

After years of experience in flow meter calibration and development of flowmeters, TrigasDM now offers you state-of-the-art flow measurement technology produced in the own factory in Neufahrn. The high-grade Turbine Flowmeters made of stainless steel are characterized by a large linear measuring range and compact design.

TrigasDM offers mass flow metering, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously. Built in calibration for many gases, or define your own custom gas mix… all on one instrument. Such versatility ensures your flow measurement is accurate in every situation, even as your process conditions change.

Only in very few cases the hydrogen is produced on site and must therefore be delivered. This is where we, as an established manufacturer of quantity measurement systems, come into play. In cooperation with the experienced calibration laboratory of Trigas FI GmbH, we have developed product solutions for H2 filling station operators and hydrogen gas suppliers

In addition to your flowmeters, TrigasDM offers you suitable accessories to complete your measuring device from a single source. For our turbine flow meters, you will find here various types of signal pickoffs and linearisation electronics, which can be matched exactly to your specific application.

TrigasDM Gasmischer zeichnen sich durch gute Reproduzierbarkeit und Langzeitstabilität des Mischungsverhältnisses aus. Die neuste Generation der TriClick Serie ist das Resultat langjähriger Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Gasmischsystemen…

TrigasDM calibrators are unbeatable when it comes to precision and usability. The popular CFlow+ LabVIEW based data acquisition and control software ensures optimal man-machine interface and ease of operation.

TrigasDM Durchfluss-Prüfstände stellen sicher, dass die Durchflussprüfung Ihrer Produkte in Ihren Prozessen mit einem Höchstmaß an Genauigkeit, Sicherheit, Qualität und Effizienz durchgeführt wird. Wir unterstützen Sie auf jedem Schritt. Profitieren Sie von unserer Erfahrung!