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TrigasDM – your competent partner for flow measurement of liquids

After years of experience in flow meter calibration and development of flowmeters, TrigasDM now offers you state-of-the-art flow measurement technology produced in the own factory in Neufahrn. The high-grade Turbine Flowmeters made of stainless steel are characterized by a large linear measuring range and compact design. The excellent accuracy is achieved by special mechanical adjustments of the sensors and by a careful calibration, possible also for changing media viscosities.

TrigasDM Turbine Flowmeters are the ideal solution for liquid measurement applications requiring high accuracy, very fast response times and compact design. They provide a perfect reliability in continuous operation, also at constant flow changes and fluctuating operating temperatures. They are not sensitive to vibration, shock and humidity.

The DML-Series is a Pelton Flowmeter for Low Flow Liquids, ideal for very low flow applications which require precision, a compact housing and fast response times.

Developed by Alicat, the CODA series of Coriolis mass flow meters provides direct mass flow measurements for exceptional accuracy in a variety of high-precision, very low flow and high pressure applications.

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TrigasDM offers a selection of selected accessories to offer you the solution for your measuring task from a single source.

Together we will find the perfect solution for your special measuring task. Convince yourself of our individual customer service – call us. We are looking forward to your measuring task and to you.

If you want to measure, monitor or dose smallest ranges of liquid flow very accurately, our Pelton flowmeter could be an ideal solution.