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Measuring Flow with Sonic Nozzles

Sonic Nozzles are internationally recognized as the ideal solution for gas flow measurement and calibration. Rangeability and accuracy are limited only by the choice of pressure transducers used for measurement of the upstream flow.

PC based data acquisition systems offered with PTB/DAkkS approved algorithm for mass flow calculation.


Measuring principle: Sonic Nozzles
Sizes: various fittings available
Flow ranges: 10 to 20000 l/min (0,35 to 715 ACFM)
Uncertainty: +/-0,2 % of mass flow rate
Pressure: up to 7 bar
Suitable for many gases: Air, Nitrogen, etc.


  • No moving parts
  • Real time measurement
  • Longterm accuracy
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Traceability to National and International Standards (PTB, LNM, NIST)
  • Usable as Flow Limiter