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Exact gas measurement and fast control

One third of all flowmeters are used in gas applications. The large scope of gas measurement means that often we are presented with special challenges. TrigasDM offers mass flow metering, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously. Built in calibration for many gases, or define your own custom gas mix… all on one instrument. Such versatility ensures your flow measurement is accurate in every situation, even as your process conditions change.

Alicat units allow you to measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously. If you choose the units with the integrated valves, you can also control flow or pressure with the same device. Choose one of up to 130 gas calibration curves which are already pre-installed or define your own gas mix using COMPOSER™ software. If you change the gas or gas components you will immediately measure with the same accuracy, without applying average factors or sending the device for a new calibration.

Fast pressure controllers keep your process stable and repeatable. With the Alicat units we offer many ways to customize your pressure controller for use in flowing, dead-ended or vacuum applications. Dual-valve models for closed volumes eliminate the need to continuously bleed expensive process gases. Instruments are available with absolute, gauge or differential pressure sensors for pressure control as high as 3000 psia/psig (or 150 psid) and as low as 10 torr.

TrigasDM represents Kurz Instruments in Germany and adds with these products an acknowledged solution for high flow ranges. With Kurz Thermal Mass Flowmeters we offer to you a product that is optimized based on 35 years of experience in special markets and applications. Kurz continues its commitment to supplying innovative devices while encouraging the world to look at thermal mass devices as a cost-effective alternative to other flow measurement technologies.

Sonic Nozzles are internationally recognized as the ideal solution for gas flow measurement and calibration. Rangeability and accuracy are limited only by the choice of pressure transducers used for measurement of the upstream flow.

The DML-Series is ideal for very low flow applications which require precision, a compact housing and fast response times. The measureable flow rate goes as low as 42 ml/min for gases.