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The Lysis LSA Series Plug-and-Measure Linearizer/Flow Computer corrects the frequency output of Turbine flowmeters for the effects of temperature and viscosity. It also linearizes and scales the Flow and Temperature outputs in a variety of formats including CAN.

The Lysis Flow Transmitters combine in a single instrument Linearization, UCV or UVCpro Temperature compensation, signal conditioning, used-selectable outputs and advanced communication options. The user-friendly FlowHow+ programming software allows easy programming of flow calibration and fluid properties data as well as linearization and scaling of Flow and Temperature outputs.

List of available models:

LSA-ST-07-V1-07-07-00 Rectangular housing
LSA-ST-08-V1-07-08-00 Rectangular housing, CAN

Designation:LSA Series Lysis Linearization Electronics / Flow Computer
Input signal:ST – SMART-Pickoff with temperature sensor, 5 pin
Output Signal Options:05 – 0-10V flow rate + 0-10V temperature + raw frequency + TTL pulses
07 – 0-10 V flow rate + 0-10 V temperature
08 – CAN
Supply voltage:V1 – 6-36 VDC
Housing options:07 – Lysis Square housing IP68
Connector options:
05 – ODU B G81B0C-P05QJ00 / ODU G81B0C-P08RJ00
07 – ODU F G11F1C-P05LJG0 / 2x ODU G81F1C-P05QJ00
08 – ODU B G81B0C-P05QJ00 / 2x Lemo HGA.0B.309
Wiring:00 – Standard


  • Open software architecture with user-defined password protection. ALL scaling
    and programming options are accessible by the end user.
  • Never a charge for programming. Reprogramming is included in the price of the
    flowmeter calibration for the life of the instrument.
  • Compatible with every flowmeter that is equipped with a Lysis SMART Pickoff
  • Upon connection with ANY TrigasDM SMART Pickoff equipped flowmeter, Lysis
    gains access to the preprogrammed calibration and fluid properties data and all
    signals from the SMART Pickoff.
  • User-friendly FlowHow+ programming software with run-live mode for easy
    programming and troubleshooting of all available functions and features.
  • Available in a variety of housings and connector configurations
  • Mass and Volumetric flow capability
  • Linearized Flow and Temperature outputs
  • UVC and UVCpro correction capability for the effects of Temperature and
  • Sophisticated proprietary interpolation algorithms for Flow, Temperature, Density
    and Viscosity data

No Customer Lockout

The Lysis electronics are supplied with open software architecture which allows user defined and controlled password protection. All scaling and programming functions are open and are accessible by the user.