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Your special calibrator – built by TrigasDM

Precision is our passion. For 35 years we have continually expanded and built upon our knowledge of flow and high-precision flow calibration standards for liquids and gases are our specialty.

TrigasDM calibrators are unbeatable when it comes to precision and usability. The popular CFlow+ LabVIEW based data acquisition and control software ensures optimal man-machine interface and ease of operation. This PC based, liquid calibration system offers truly exceptional accuracy and stability using advanced flow calculation algorithms and compensation techniques.

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for liquids:

  • Low Flow Calibrators: The TrigasDM test stands for liquids operate according to the volumetric principle of operation. They measure the exact volume of the liquid flowing through the meter during calibration and simultaneously compensate for the viscosity and temperature of the liquid.
  • High Flow Calibrators: This type of calibrator offers truly exceptional accuracy and stability using the latest computing algorithms and compensation techniques. The heart of this calibrator is a high precision manufactured unit consisting of a honed stainless steel cylinder and a precisely fitting piston.
  • FTS – Flow Transfer Standard: The ideal combination of high performance and low cost. It is calibrated with a high-precision reference gauge under actual operating conditions.

for gases:

  • Bell Provers: The bell calibrator, a primary standard for gas flow measurements, uses a precisely defined displaced volume at a constant pressure for accurate flow determination.
  • Sonic Nozzle Bench: Critical nozzles are also considered internationally as one of the best and most accurate transfer standards.
  • LFE – Laminar Flow Elements: laminar flow elements are an ideal flow transfer standard for gas flow measurement at low flow rates.

The following flow meters can be calibrated:


Positive displacement


Thermal Mass
Sonic Nozzles