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TrigasDM supports you with high-quality flow measurement technology and services, but also with application knowledge and industry-specific solutions.

What has already been successfully tested in your industry? Which problems have we already been able to solve with other customers? What insights can be interesting suggestions for you?

We are happy to share our experience with you and are pleased if you find here hints and suggestions that prove useful in finding solutions for your challenges. Of course, we cannot disclose all the details about the processes of other customers but we present on this page relevant facts about measurement tasks as comprehensively as possible.

Rely on the expertise of an accredited calibration laboratory and a manufacturer of precision flowmeters. New articles can also be obtained automatically by following our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or by signing up for our newsletter. And of course we are looking forward to your comments and valued adds.

Bioprocesses fully under control with Alicat BIO-MFC

Bioreactions revolutionize production processes. The new requirements for materials and functionality of the measuring and control technology has been addressed by Alicat with the new BIO-MFC.

Hot, dirty, wet - a challenge for any flowmeter. Here comes the solution for your difficult applications!

No other flow meter measures as well under such harsh conditions and helps you to save cost and maintenance, as the new K-BAR 2000B-WGF…

Onsite - Checking and troubleshooting pressure and flow parameters of gas chromatographs with high accuracte MFCs

Which process parameters can influence the function of a gas chromatograph? And how can you get to the bottom of a malfunction? Read more!

Equipment for painting robots

Sprayer and painting robots are used for the automatic surface coating of various components. High demands are placed on the dosing unit. It must be compact, accurate, cleanable, vibration resistant… Here comes the tailor made solution from OVAL!

Fibers - as thin as a human Hair

Precision is to hit the same point on the target every time. Repeatability is the ability to demonstrate the same precision every time you go to the line and shoot. What does this mean for the glass fiber industry? click here

The no-pressure loss flowmeter fallacy

In the thermodynamic design of vehicles, precise measurement of the cooling water flow is critical, but at the same time the influence of the flowmeter on the cooling circuit must be close to negligible. Suitable measurement systems are required…

One Click: Flow to CAN

Technicians have to install many different sensors into test vehicles in a short time. They must take care that they are fully functional and also correctly addressed to ensure the success of the expensive road test…

Measuring of Battery Cooling Liquids with HighTech DM-Turbine Flowmeters

For the battery systems of electrical cars a suitable cooling system is extremly important, because it influences directly the lifetime of the battery. For exact measurement of those liquids innovative solutions are requested…

Pressure Control Loop feature of Alicat to control closed Pressure Systems

What is the Pressure Control Loop feature? Read about some interesting applications where this feature can perfectly support you.

High accurate Control of Gas Mixtures with special Control Loop Option

How can we reach a high accuracy at the measurement of a gas mixture, if the content of the mixture is constantly changing and there is no real gas available for calibration? Read about interesting applications for this feature.

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