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Alicat Mass Controllers for Gases

Standard MC Series Mass Flow Controller

Control responsively and stably with the fastest mass flow controller in the world. Maintain speed and accuracy at flows as low as 2.5 microliters per minute or as high as 50 slpm. Custom orifice sizing enables us to tailor-select a valve to satisfy your application and performance requirements.

High-Flow Massflow Controller MCR Series

Maintain speed and accuracy at high flows (50-5000 slpm). Alicat is the world’s only manufacturer of near-frictionless rolamite valves for precise control of high-rate gas flows. Proprietary orifice patterns enable us to customize a rolamite to satisfy your application and performance requirements. MCR Specs MCP Specs (for inlet pressures less than 80 psig)

Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller MCW/MCRW “Whisper” Series

Mass flow controllers that minimize system impact with pressure drops as low as 4 mbar (0.06 psid) at full-scale flows. Alicat “Whisper” Series controllers enable flow control at near-atmospheric pressures, perfect for aerospace and environmental gas analysis applications. Max range: 0-500 slpm. MCW Specs

Mass Flow Controller for High Pressure Systems MCQ/MCRQ Series

For high pressure applications, Alicat’s MCQ series controllers handle ranges between 30 PSIA and 320 PSIA (1.03 to 22 bar). These controllers offer the great Alicat flexibility of 98 full calibration gases (with 20 custom mix slots), multivariate display and digital plus analog communications which are standard on our core products. Check the specifications for explicit compatibilities.

Anti-Corrosive Mass Flow Controller MCS/MCRS Series

Mass flow controller for aggressive gases: Alicat MCS-series A flow controller manufactured to withstand corrosion caused by aggressive gases such as NH3, H2S and SiH4 with durable 316L stainless steel. All ranges available. Click the “Quick Specs” tab for a listing of included corrosive gas calibrations.

Bidirectional Mass Flow Controller MCD/MCRD Series

Control flow in both directions with the world’s first bidirectional mass flow controller. May be customized as “Whisper” (MCDW) or anti-corrosive (MCDS) controller. All ranges available.

SEMI-Standard Mass Flow Controller MCE Series

Upgrade aging or underperforming thermal flow controllers with Alicat’s MCE, an easy drop-in replacement with comparable form, fit and function. We can match any manufacturer’s pinout configuration to ensure compatibility with your control system. Enclosed valve design and fittings conform to SEMI International Standards. Max range: 0-20 slpm. Also available with 316L stainless steel construction (MCES series).

Vacuum Mass Flow Controllers MCV Series

The MCV Series mass flow controller for vacuum applications starts with an MCE (above) and adds an integrated pneumatic shut-off valve to prevent contamination during zero setpoint conditions. Max range: 0-20 slpm. Also available with 316L stainless steel construction (MCVS series).

Bio-Process Mass Flow Controller

The first mass flow controller specifically designed to meet the needs of bioprocess professionals – the BIO Series: Proven Mass Flow Control for Bioprocessing and Bioreactor Applications. They offer the industry’s highest reliability, lifetime warranty and inline water pollution resistance.
The valve materials are also specially tailored to the requirements of the bioprocess industry.


      • Extremely low zero offset ensures long-term measurement stability
      • Resistant to process water contamination with a lifetime warranty
      • High-contrast, ultra-sharp color display
      • ASME recommended materials, including 316L stainless steel and USP Class VI FDA certified elastomers
      • Gas Selection feature allows replacement of CO2, air, O2, N2, or over 100 other gases without recalibration or loss of accuracy
      • Drive Display for monitoring inline process state and control performance
      • IP66 protection option available

CODA-Series Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Developed by Alicat, the CODA series of Coriolis mass flow meters provides direct mass flow measurements for exceptional accuracy in a variety of high-precision, very low flow and high pressure applications. The compact Coriolis CODA series mass flow meters and controllers combine fast response times with exceptional zero point stability to provide an industry-leading precision instrument. Designed to be extremely insensitive to external vibration, our Coriolis mass flow instruments provide stable accuracy throughout the measurement range of 0.08 g/h to 100 kg/h.