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Amplified Pickoffs

These magnetic sensors produce a digital output signal whose frequency is identical to that of the pickup coil’s sinusoidal output which is in turn created by the excitation due to a passing target (turbine flowmeter rotor).


  • Measuring Principle: RF (Modulated Carrier) or Magnetic
    Sizes: See specifications for configuration
  • Frequency range: 3 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Temp ranges: Up to 140 °C depending on model
  • Outputs (Pulse): TTL (0-5 V), 0-10 V, NPN, PNP
  • Construction: Stainless Steel (300 series)


  • Magnetic and RF (modulated carrier) versions
  • Extends flow meter range by improving signal-to-noise ratio
  • On-flowmeter mounting eliminates need for external amplifiers.
  • Standardized pulse output format for easy interface with computers or process controllers.
  • Ex versions available.
  • CE marking