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RMS Hydrogen Measurement Reference System (patent pending)

Are you an operator or manufacturer of hydrogen filling stations or delivery systems?
You want to test, calibrate or validate your system according to SAE J2106?
The test should be fast, precise, comprehensive and cost-effective?

Our RMS hydrogen reference measuring system makes it possible to carry out a complete metrological test, e.g. of a hydrogen filling station, within a few hours. The measurement results of our RMS are the basis for the custody transfer test of the system or an acceptance test according to SAE J2601. The result of the measurements is a protocol that precisely outputs the delivered quantity, the flow rate and the pressure and temperature curves as a data file.

The RMS was developed in close cooperation with operators and manufacturers of hydrogen filling stations, as well as the PTB (German metrology body) and other international metrological institutes. The measuring system is characterised by its compact size and can be easily transported in a car. A measurement campaign can thus be carried out by one person within approx. 3 or 4 hours.