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Measurement Chain Lysis with SMART pickoff

New type of pickoff combined with the innovative Lysis linearization electronics with  following advantages:

  • Open software architecture with individual password protection for all scaling and programming functions, accessible to the user
  • Compatibility with any flow meter equipped with a Lysis “SMART-Pickoff” (Plug-and-Measure)
  • Access to calibration and fluid data and signals from the SMART pickoff after connection to an appropriately equipped flow meter
  • Up to 5 different fluid viscosity tables can be stored
  • User-friendly FlowHow+ programming software with run-live mode for easy programming and troubleshooting of all functions
  • Available in various housings and connectors, with support for mass and volumetric flow rates
  • Linearized flow and temperature outputs with UVC correction capability for temperature compensated versions
  • Unlike standard linear interpolation between data points, TrigasDM utilizes advanced proprietary interpolation algorithms for flow, temperature, density and viscosity data
  • Available with two thread variants 5/8″ and 11/16″ for the most common turbines

Product Overview Lysis LSA-ST-07-V1-07-07-00 measurement chaing

Below you will find a product overview of the entire measuring chain including cables with the corresponding article numbers.

with cable 5 meters: article number 101464
with cable 3 meters: article number 12184
with cable 2 meters: article number 12185
with cable 1 meters: article number 10517

lenght 4 meter: article number 10248
lenght 3 meter: article number 12186
lenght 2 meter: article number 12187

A maximum of 1 extension cable can be connected!

LSA-ST-07-V1-07-07-00: article number 11436

ST – SMART-pickoff with temperature sensor, 5 pin
07 – 0-10 V flow + 0-10 V temperature
V1 – 6-36 VDC
07 – Lysis square housing IP68
07 – ODU F G11F1C-P05LJG0/2x ODU G81F1C-P05QJ00
00 – Standard

Lysis V07, 1xBNC (Flow or Temp) + Power: article number 101409

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After years of experience in flow meter calibration and development of flowmeters, TrigasDM now offers you state-of-the-art flow measurement technology produced in the own factory in Neufahrn. The high-grade Turbine Flowmeters made of stainless steel are characterized by a large linear measuring range and compact design.

New pickoffs which, when combined with our newest Lysis Linearizer, vastly simplify flow measurement. A lot of value was placed on making the pickoffs as compact as possible. SMART Pickoffs with up to 15m cable length files/DM_Bilder/Pickoff_LPP.jpg based on the principle of modulated carrier frequency. As there are no magnetic forces involved the rotor is allowed to move freely at lower flow rates.

Lysis an intelligent and compact flow transmitter. It linearizes the output signals of the sensor and compensates in real time viscosity, density and temperature

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