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CVF Air Flow System for Turbine Engine Component Testing

The TrigasDM Air Flow Test Stand is a Sonic Nozzle (Critical Venturi) based air flow measurement system and the culmination of more than 30 years of continually expanding the state of the art in gas flow measurement precision and reliability. It has been designed to take full advantage of the Sonic Nozzle’s capability for
highly accurate and repeatable measurement over a wide flow range. In this configuration, it measures the air flow through gas turbine engine components for both airborne and land-based applications.

Leading aerospace manufacturers rely on the quality and technology of TRIGAS DM’s CVF and the professional maintenance and services of our specialist staff.

The Air Flow Test Stand family of products comes in different sizes and ranges as described in the specifications below.

System Specifications:

Model:Flow RangeSonic Nozzle complement
CVF 10-5000-SM10-5100 ln/min7 Sonic Nozzles, 0.031-0.250 inch (Single Manifold)
CVF 10-11000-DM10-11000 ln/min8 Sonic Nozzles, 0.031-0.354 inch (Dual Manifold)
CVF 10-22000-DM10-22000 ln/min9 Sonic Nozzles, 0.031-0.500 inch (Dual Manifold)


  • Made in Germany to the highest European and International standards
  • Designed and Manufactured by Flow Specialists, with own ISO 17025 accredited flow measurement laboratory
  • Traceable to European and American National Metrology Standards.
  • Large inlet and outlet manifolds for optimal pressure stability and measurement accuracy
  • Excellent accuracy and Reproducibility Characteristics thanks to no moving parts
  • User Friendly, customizable controller interface for test automation and data acquisition and processing
  • Open software structure, no user lockout. All Calibration functions are accessible through password to authorized Technicians/Engineers
  • Service and operational availability are key
  • Centrally located Service Organization. From our Munich base, we are able to respond to any emergency within hours
  • All critical components are either internally developed and stocked, or commercial of-the-shelf items
  • VPN Modem for remote control and maintenance

The LabVIEW™ based computer software not only accurately calculates gas flow, but also controls the selection of nozzles required to achieve it by opening and closing of appropriate flow paths. It controls the inlet pressure and air flow operating conditions in order to ensure that the nozzles are in the critical “choked”) state and the flow is stable. Test configuration files can easily be created, saved and retrieved and test results organized for transmission or printing.

Technical features:

Maximum inlet Pressure:

8 bar g
Part Pressure Range:0.07 – 1.4 barg (1-20 psig)
 0.02 – 2 barg (0.25 – 30 psig) optional
 Custom ranges available
Part Pressure Ratio Range:1.07 – 2.36, 1.02 – 3.04 optional, custom range available
Uncertainty:±0.3% to ±0.5% of reading or better, depending on calibration accuracy
RepeatabilityBetter than ±0.15%
Cycle Time20 – 60 seconds, capacity dependent
Flow Ports ConnectionsTriClamp® DN 50 (2”)
Pressure ConnectionsSwagelok, 6mm (1/4”)
Dimensions1500x110x1800mm (59”x44”x71”) Single Manifold (SM) version
 2250x110x1800mm (87”x44”x71”) Dual Manifold (DM) version
Weight350 kg (770 pounds)