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Cleaning and storage of TrigasDM turbine flow meters

Welcome to the explanatory video about cleaning TrigasDM turbine flow meters.

Turbine flow meters are crucial for precise measurements in various industries. Regular maintenance is essential for them to function optimally. In this video, we show you why cleaning is important and how to do it step by step to maintain the accuracy and lifetime of your turbine flow meter. Let’s get started right away!

International Women's Day at TrigasDM

On the eve of International Women’s Day, TrigasDM invited its female employees to a cozy dinner to celebrate the upcoming day. Over delicious food and lively conversation, the importance of International Women’s Day for women in the company was emphasized. It was an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the diverse contributions and achievements of women at TrigasDM within the company community.

Through such celebrations, we not only strengthen the cohesion within our team but also advocate for equality and respect for all women.

2024 started at TrigasDM with participation in one of the largest electronics trade fairs in the world – the CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. At the start of the year, the tech scene sets the trends at the CES trade fair in Las Vegas.

Together at the IPETRONIK stand, we presented the latest products and developments in measurement technology and technical solutions. CES 2024 is always a highlight for us. Many trade fair visitors took the opportunity to see our products and solutions live in action and talk to our experts at the stand.

TrigasDM’s turbine wheel flow meters are versatile for the precise measurement of liquid flow rates. Applications include the measurement of cooling water, fuels and engine oil in engine and power unit construction, precise dosing in the food and pharmaceutical industries and the monitoring of high-purity water in research and development. They are also used in diesel fuel consumption measurement and other quantity measurements for consumption billing.

If you were not at the fair, contact us and talk about your requirements. —> Contact form.

TrigasDM is at the AUTOMOTIVE TESTING EXPO EUROPE 2023 in Stuttgart

Discover the future of the automotive industry at Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart from June 04 – 06, 2024!

At one of the leading trade fairs for vehicle and component testing, we will be presenting our latest flow meters at stand 1219 in hall 10. Get your free admission ticket now. Register now and be there!

We look forward to seeing you at the trade fair!

Meorga 2024 in Halle an der Saale - we'll be there too

We are looking forward to participating as an exhibitor at this renowned trade fair for measurement, control and automation technology. MEORGA offers TrigasDM an excellent opportunity to present our innovative products and solutions to a broad specialist audience and make valuable contacts in the industry.

Visit us on June 05, 2024 in Halle (Saale).

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Aerospace Test and Development Show 2024

The Aerospace Test and Development Show will take place from September 10-11, 2024 in Toulouse, the leading European center for aerospace research and development. This event brings together manufacturers of aerospace components, complete aircraft, spacecraft, passenger drones for urban and overland transport and air defense systems. Its aim is to present and discuss technologies, techniques and services aimed at minimizing product failures, shortening product development cycles and costs while improving performance and reliability.

Here you can find us at the IPTRONIK booth.

TrigasFI Seminar Flow Measurement and Calibration

Liquids and Fluids

At TrigasFI, we calibrate, adjust and program thousands of flowmeters every year. As a result, we have acquired a deep and exceptional knowledge of the characteristics of many flow measurement principles. We know how best to calibrate, install and operate them for the best possible accuracy and reliability. We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers during training courses, seminars and on-site consultations as part of the “Flow Measurement and Calibration” seminar.

This seminar is aimed at interested parties in the areas of purchasing, calibration, engineering and all users of flow meters.

It is designed as a neutral, manufacturer-independent seminar. The focus is on the physical fundamentals, the operation of modern flow measurement techniques, the theory and technology of calibration as well as metrological traceability.

German: 24.09. – 26.09.2024

English: 30.09. – 02.10.2024

Seminar fee: 1.750 € (excl. VAT) per seminar and participant
Early Bird: for registration until 31st of May 2024 only 1.250 € (excl. VAT) per participant

Automotive Testing Expo North America 2024

Automotive Testing Expo North America is the largest trade show in the Americas for vehicle and component testing and validation technologies and services. With over 280 exhibitors, the event offers a comprehensive look at the latest developments in driver assistance systems, NVH measurement tools, test bench technology, simulation packages, durability testing technologies, crash test expertise, dynamometers, emissions measurement systems and dynamics evaluation tools. Visitors will have the opportunity to find out about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Numerous trade fairs and symposia will also be held in parallel to the trade fair, further supplementing the range of events on offer.

You will find us at ATE 2024 on the IPTRONIK booth

Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Hamburg

Europe! This must-attend conference and exhibition is exclusively dedicated to advanced technologies in this field. Experience the entire hydrogen value chain, focusing on innovative solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage and distribution, and diverse applications in stationary and mobile sectors.

More than 300 international speakers and over 15,000 attendees come together to discuss and experience the latest technologies, materials and engineering solutions. Immerse yourself in a world of advanced manufacturing equipment, infrastructure, testing and evaluation tools and services to finally establish hydrogen as the leading provider of clean, renewable energy. Discover over 650 exhibitors in the main exhibition hall. Join us and shape the future with us!