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Research and Development

Research and development is about working on advanced and trendsetting technologies and knowledge transfer. Universities and laboratories are the heart of our economic success, which work in advance and in co-operation with the manufacturing companies. Constantly changing projects require a high degree of application knowledge and flexible equipment.

Many labs operate their own calibrators for checking of measuring devices and other process components.

rigasDM is a longtime partner to universities and research institutes, as well as in-house laboratories of many industrial concerns. By equipping their calibrators with high-accuracy master meters, providing advice on their selection and offering our service for their regular calibration in the TrigasFI DAkkS-certified laboratories, we help ensure that these calibrators are up to date.

TrigasDM offers flow calibrator upgrade and automation service on existing calibrators, as well as design and construction of new flow calibrators for liquids or gases, according to specific customer requirements.


Additionally, TrigasDM equips Universities and laboratories with highly flexible liquid flow sensors, adapted as needed for different viscosities, high pressures and wide ranges of temperature.

But who knows what the future holds and which project will come up next? If you cannot find a solution in our standard program, you will find in TrigasDM a flexible partner who works with you to develop solutions, customize sensors and optimize your process. This is our promise to you!

You want to regulate gas supply, mix gases, measure consumption with high accuracy? – Our Alicat mass flow meters and controllers are the ideal solution, without limiting you to any one specific gas.

Once calibrated, the calibration curves of up to 130 gases and gas mixtures are stored in in memory (not an empirical correction factor, but exact calibration data!). You can simply select according to the needs of your application!

The fast response times (50 ms or better) of Alicat Controllers ensure precise process control of gas and volumetric flow, as well as of pressure. All measured parameters can be also monitored on the display, including that temperature of the flowing gas. These multifaceted instruments offer versatility, precision and fast response, making them the ideal solution for just about any project.

We recommend the following products:

TrigasDM Turbine Flowmeters are the ideal solution for liquid measurement applications requiring high accuracy, very fast response times and compact design. They provide a perfect reliability in continuous operation, also at constant flow changes and fluctuating operating temperatures. They are not sensitive to vibration, shock and humidity.

Developed by Alicat, the CODA series of Coriolis mass flow meters provides direct mass flow measurements for exceptional accuracy in a variety of high-precision, very low flow and high pressure applications.

RF Pickoffs with MS Connector based on the principle of modulated carrier frequency. As there are no magnetic forces involved the rotor is allowed to move freely at lower flow rates.

The TriLIN LNA Series Linearizer/Flow Computer amplifies, linearizes, and scales the frequency signals of Turbine flow meters.

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