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Energy and Environment

The rising demand for energy, accompanied by the increasing requirements for environmental protection, is creating the need for solutions to a variety of challenges, including the appropriate measurement and control of the flow rates of various media in the energy plants. Special requirements on quality and safety have to be considered for flow sensors in traditional coal or gas power plants, as well as in nuclear power plants or in renewable energy plants, such as solar, wind power or biomass.

Accurate fuel consumption measurements, monitoring of blends of fuel-air ratios to optimize combustion and to reduce emissions, as well as flare monitoring are important tasks for highly robust, durable, contamination-insensitive, and accurate flowmeters.

With high-precision turbine flow meters, TrigasDM provides optimal monitoring of heating and cooling circuits, condensate monitoring and differential flow measurement for leakage control.

Accurate dosing of additives in low-flow ranges possible with the special low-flow DML series.

But also for gas measurement, TrigasDM offers competent solutions for the energy industry. We measure and regulate gases accurately, quickly and reliably with our Alicat mass flow meters and controllers, which measure mass and volumetric flow, pressure and temperature, all in one instrument.

The fast response time of 10 ms or less makes them ideal for controlling high-precision dosing and leakage applications.

Larger measuring ranges are covered by the thermal Kurz-sensors. Larger flow ranges are covered by the thermal Insertion Kurz sensors. Compared to expensive Venturi systems and Pitot tubes, these sensors have not only much wider measurement ranges, but they are also contamination-resistant, have a lower energy consumption, are simpler and less expensive to install and operate.

They are designed to measure reliably and accurately, even in the presence of irregular flow profiles.

In cooperation with our sister company TrigasFI we offer the calibration of all flow sensors up to 5000 l/min for liquids and 20000 Nl/min for gases, on request also with DAkkS ISO 17025 certificate.

Our new DAkkS accreditation expansion which now includes on-site calibrations even enables us to perform these services in-house at our customers’ locations.

With the special CVF air flow test equipment, Trigas offers a turbine blade testing solution developed to the highest European and international quality standards. Constructed and manufactured in Germany and tested in our own ISO17025 certified test laboratory, the CVF system offers a flexible system that we can adapt and expand according to our customer´s requirements. Thus, we can meet the special test specifications of the various turbine manufacturers, which usually have to be complied with not only by the manufacturers themselves but also by all their suppliers.

And even after delivery, TrigasDM supports its customers on a long-term basis. From our central location near Munich Airport, our service organization guarantees fast response times and high availability. We regularly recalibrate our systems and comparable systems from other manufacturers for our customers onsite. In urgent cases, we can offer also remote maintenance with VPN modem.

We recommend the following products:

TrigasDM Turbine Flowmeters are the ideal solution for liquid measurement applications requiring high accuracy, very fast response times and compact design. They provide a perfect reliability in continuous operation, also at constant flow changes and fluctuating operating temperatures. They are not sensitive to vibration, shock and humidity.

Alicat units allow you to measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously. If you choose the units with the integrated valves, you can also control flow or pressure with the same device. Choose one of up to 130 gas calibration curves which are already pre-installed or define your own gas mix using COMPOSER™ software. If you change the gas or gas components you will immediately measure with the same accuracy, without applying average factors or sending the device for a new calibration.

TrigasDM represents Kurz Instruments in Germany and adds with these products an acknowledged solution for high flow ranges. With Kurz Thermal Mass Flowmeters we offer to you a product that is optimized based on 35 years of experience in special markets and applications. Kurz continues its commitment to supplying innovative devices while encouraging the world to look at thermal mass devices as a cost-effective alternative to other flow measurement technologies.

RF Pickoffs with MS Connector based on the principle of modulated carrier frequency. As there are no magnetic forces involved the rotor is allowed to move freely at lower flow rates.

Lysis an intelligent and compact flow transmitter. It linearizes the output signals of the sensor and compensates in real time viscosity, density and temperature

The TriLIN LNA Series Linearizer/Flow Computer amplifies, linearizes, and scales the frequency signals of Turbine flow meters.

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